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Freda - May 2020

Posted 03 May 2020 in Freda

Freda was collared in July 2013 for the first time in order to replace ...

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Freda - Nov 2019

Posted 19 Nov 2019 in Freda

Freda and her herd spent most of their time in the conservation areas of ...

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Freda - Elephant Updates May 2019

Posted 09 May 2019 in Elephant Updates , Freda

Freda is a perfect example of the saying ‘An elephant never forgets‘. Although she has spent much of her time ...

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Freda - Nov 2018

Posted 20 Nov 2018 in Freda

After several months of intense conflict, the efforts from the Elephant Conservation and Monitoring Units paid off and Freda’s herd ...

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Freda - May 2018

Posted 22 May 2018 in Freda

For many years Freda’s family had its core home range within a commercial forest concession in the very west of ...

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Freda - Dec 2017

Posted 01 Dec 2017 in Freda

Freda returned to PT ABT Block 2 in April 2017 and stayed there for several weeks, causing intense conflicts with ...

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