Projects We Fund


  • Elephant Conservation Center

    The Elephant Conservation Center (ECC) was built in 2001 on the banks of the Nam Tien Reservoir, a provincial protected area in the Sayaboury Province, Laos. This area is home ... Read more

  • Leuser Conservation Forum

    Forum Konservasi Leuser (FKL) is a grass-roots NGO that strives to protect the Leuser Ecosystem and its biodiversity for the sake of Aceh's future. Their goal is to protect the ... Read more

  • Elephant Conservation & Monitoring Units

    The Bukit Tigapuluh (BTP) Ecosystem encompasses one of the largest remaining lowland forests on Sumatra. The extremely species rich area represents an important refuge for Critically Endangered key species such ... Read more

  • Kinabatangan Orangutan Conservation Programme

    HUTAN is a grassroot non-profit organization dedicated to conserving the Bornean orangutan, Borneo pygmy elephants and other wildlife species ... Read more

  • Way Kambas National Park River Patrol

    The Way Kambas National Park is 125,631 hectares and is located on the east coast of the Province of Lampung in Sumatra. The National Park is home to about 180 ... Read more

  • Wildlife ambulance and veterinary training

    The Critically Endangered Sumatran elephant (Elephas maximus sumatrensis) has a population of less than 1500 individuals. They are threatened by ongoing fragmentation and loss of habitat, illegal killing during human-elephant ... Read more

  • Sri Lankan Elephant Conservation

    Sri Lanka is a land known for its remarkable biodiversity. It is home to the majestic Sri Lankan elephant (Elephas maximus maximus). Unfortunately, these Endangered creatures face numerous threats, primarily ... Read more