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Since 2008 with our partner, the Frankfurt Zoological Society, we've been engaged in elephant research and conservation in the Bukit Tigapuluh Ecosystem.

The main goal of the International Elephant Project (IEP) is to support the conservation of the Bukit Tigapuluh elephants by providing detailed and reliable information on elephant movement. By protecting and monitoring one elephant in each animal group, we are protecting the whole herd.

Wildlife Protection Units funded by the International Elephant Project (IEP) ensure the national park and surrounding concessions are free of poaching, traps and illegal logging. 

The IEP endeavours to maintain a peaceful coexistence between humans and Sumatran elephants in the region. The objectives of this project are:

  1. to monitor the movements of five elephants using state of the art Global Positioning System (GPS)-collar & Global Information System (GIS) technology in order to collect information on home range size and habitat usage;
  2. to explore the possibilities of GPS/GIS elephant monitoring to be used as an early-warning system in order to support efforts to mitigate human-elephant conflict in the region; and
  3. to provide comprehensive training for Indonesian wildlife rangers, forest police officers and other project staff.

We are in regular contact with the Elephant Conservation and Monitoring Units (ECMU) staff and International Elephant Project (IEP) representatives visit the area regularly to get updates on the elephants and see how they are progressing.

Your tax deductible* Elephant Adoption is what is needed to support the elephants in order to live a free and secure life in the wild.

The elephants who represent our adoptions are wild and free, just as nature intended. The females live in close-knit family groups, whilst the males are more solitary, frequently roaming vast distances. Tragically, these are amongst the last Sumatran elephants to freely roam today.


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* tax deductible in Australia only.

By adopting an elephant you are providing:

  • Habitat protection
  • Anti-poaching patrols
  • Elephant monitoring
  • Human-elephant conflict mitigation
  • Ranger training

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