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Way Kambas River Patrol Reports Progress in Combatting Illegal Activities

In a bid to safeguard the biodiversity of Sumatra's Way Kambas National Park, the Way Kambas River Patrol, supported by International Elephant Project donors, has reported significant strides in curtailing illegal activities threatening the region's delicate ecosystem.

The Patrol Team's Recent Success

Since its inception in September 2019, the Way Kambas River Patrol has been at the forefront of the battle against illegal activities, notably hunting, logging, and the deliberate ignition of forest fires. These nefarious activities, often orchestrated by poachers, pose a grave threat to the national park’s wildlife.

In the latest reporting period, the team’s vigilance led to the discovery and dismantling of seven snare traps across six different locations within the park. Furthermore, efforts to combat forest fires proved effective, with the patrol team containing and extinguishing a blaze encompassing approximately 300 hectares, preventing further devastation to elephant habitat.


A Multi-Faceted Approach to Conservation

The decline in detected illegal activities can be attributed to the patrol team’s multifaceted approach, combining regular patrols with proactive intelligence gathering. By cultivating a network of informants within local communities, the team has been able to identify and monitor suspected perpetrators.

The recent conviction of a poacher, who received a substantial prison sentence of 6 years and 8 months, serves as a testament to the efficacy of collaborative efforts between government agencies and conservation organisations like International Elephant Project.


About Way Kambas River Patrol

The Way Kambas National Park is home to a diverse array of Endangered species. The River Patrol, funded by International Elephant Project donors, is crucial in protecting this biodiversity hotspot from illegal activities. Join us in our mission to safeguard the Way Kambas National Park and its precious inhabitants.

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