Mutiara, which means pearl in the Indonesian language, was collared in February 2019 and is part of Anna’s core family group.

Mutiara is part of a herd of up to 30 elephants and shares much of her time and home range with Ginting, Indah, and (to a lesser extent) with Cinta. There are several babies and juveniles of all ages in the herd indicating healthy natural population growth.

The Elephant Conservation and Monitoring Units (ECMU) observed that Mutiara’s GPS collar, which was meant to be replaced in May 2023, had detached itself in the LAJ Block 4 area. Currently, Mutiara and Anna’s herd have joined up with Ginting’s herd, so the ECMU are busy monitoring many elephants!

These elephants have been spending time in areas that are prone to human-elephant conflict, particularly in Semambu Village and Muara Sekalo Village. The concentration of movement in these areas is a result of the high level of human activity within the steppingstone patch, which connects the south side of the corridor to the north side on the Mendelang River and Pekundangan River.

The ECMU team continues its efforts to monitor and mitigate conflicts in order to create space for the elephant group to return to the north side of the corridor road.

Thank you to our Anna adopters for helping to keep her safe and protected in the Bukit Tigapuluh Ecosystem.

(Program run by Ministry of Environment and Forestry and Frankfurt Zoological Society).

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