Mae Mah

Mae Mah has been spotted spending time with a wild bull elephant in the forest over the past few months.

Beautiful Mae Mah in the middle with young Dor Khoun Meuang (left) and Mae Noy (right)

This is the second time the elephant tracking team have spotted Mae Mah with a wild male. Mae Mah has not bred before due to her life in captivity so it would be wonderful if she and the other females could experience having and raising babies since they are so maternal. Any babies born to these females would create an even happier ending for these previously captive elephants that have been through so much. It will also increase the conservation value of this release since they will have contributed to the wild population of elephants in Nam Pouy National Park.  

Mae Mah looking out at her photographer

Mae Mah and her small herd have been roaming the same 20,000 hectares for over three years now. With no significant increase in their home range for roughly two years, it is safe to say that these elephants have found their new home in the south-western part of Nam Pouy NPA.

Maternal Mae Mah is often seen close to adopted son Dor Khoun Meuang

This area of the park currently has no wild females and is suitable habitat for elephants. We hope that with more frequent visits from these wild males that Mae Mah and the other females can start growing this herd with some calves of their own, creating another official herd of wild elephants within the NPA.