Unfortunately, two elephant herds including Ginting’s herd, crossed the WKS corridor road during the night in April and moved south into village fields. Anna’s group followed shortly after. We believe that these movements were triggered by constant disturbance and trail blocks conducted by a rubber company in the area.

The company increased efforts to guard their rubber stands, blocked elephant movements, and drove elephants actively into adjacent areas where angry illegal farmers went after the elephants. After several months of back and forth and extensive human-elephant conflict, the three herds eventually left the area. The three herds have since caused heavy conflict on legal village fields, keeping our rangers busy trying to prevent the worst.

Damage caused by the elephants included destroyed huts and damage to oil palm and rubber trees. The GPS collars allow the rangers to closely monitor and follow the elephant herds and protect them. Ginting has been collared since 2014 and her most recent collar was put on in March 2018. It should last a minimum of two years. 

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