Since May 2018, Cinta and her family have been roaming north of the WKS corridor road, spending most of their time within conservation areas managed by private companies.

Cinta and her herd used to have their core home range in an extended lowland forest patch which directly connects to the southern part of the Bukit Tigapuluh National Park. However, since 2014, Cinta and her family often joined with other female groups in the area, forming a large clan of more than 60 elephants. For several years it looked like that she had entirely switched her home range to the southern parts of the landscape, joining with Anna and Ginting most of the time. However, since May 2018, Cinta is up north again, roaming through her ‘old’, and much safer home range. For the last six months, Cinta's herd stayed mostly within the safety of the ecosystem restoration concession PT ABT Block I. Occasionally Cinta joined other herds (forming large clans of more than 100 elephants) and moved into adjacent LAJ/RLU Block 4, where they raided crops on illegal farms and industrial rubber plantations.

Cinta's current GPS collar is still active however it will run out of battery power soon. Two attempts to exchange her collar failed due to various reasons. A third attempt to exchange Cinta’s collar has not been able to be implemented yet due to schedule overlaps of external key personnel including the veterinarian and darting sniper with other activities.  Currently, Cinta’s collar is set to an interval of eight hours to preserve the batteries until a follow up collaring session can be organized.