Alexander Markus Moßbrucker

Alex joined the International Elephant Project in 2012 as a voluntary advisor and is now the IEP Field Manager. He is a trained field biologist who has studied at several universities in Germany, Panama, and Indonesia.

Since his youth, the German born nature enthusiast has been very interested in wildlife biology and conservation, and soon developed a particular fondness for large mammals. In 2008 Alex got the chance to study elephants in Sumatra, and a little later made the island his main base. In the following decade he led various field research and conservation projects, with much of his professional career focusing on ranger patrol management, wildlife monitoring, and human-wildlife conflict mitigation.

Alex is the author of several scientific publications and a field guide to Sumatran mammals.

Sumatran Mamalls Field Guide 2020

Moßbrucker 2016 Modeling the fate of Sumatran elephants in Bukit Tigapuluh

Moßbrucker 2016 AKDEc home range size and habitat selection of Sumatran elephants

Moßbrucker 2015 Non-invasive genotyping of Sumatran elephants implications for conservation