Engaging Students in Tiger Conservation

The Tiger Team in West Sumatra have been visiting local schools, educating the future leaders of tiger conservation.

We are excited to share an update from our recent school visits in West Sumatra! The Tiger Team had the fantastic opportunity to interact with students, spreading awareness about the conservation of our precious Sumatran tigers.

The team visited an elementary school located near the recently inaugurated Tiger Information Centre. With the aim of fostering future conservation leaders, the team engaged with 50 enthusiastic students. Through interactive educational activities, the students learned about the critical role of wild animals and their habitats. Moreover, they were inspired to consider becoming volunteers in our ongoing conservation efforts.

Continuing their mission, the Tiger Team team visited another nearby school later in the month. This time, they engaged with a larger group of 60 students. The day was filled with educational sessions and a captivating photo exhibition showcasing Sumatran tiger conservation activities. The atmosphere was relaxed, allowing students to absorb information in a more informal setting.

These school visits are crucial in nurturing a sense of responsibility and empa2thy towards our natural world among the younger generation. By educating and involving students in conservation activities, we are sowing the seeds for a brighter, more sustainable future.

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