Ginting and her family have been roaming north of the WKS corridor road since May 2018, spending most of their time within conservation areas managed by private companies.

The herd stayed mostly within the safety of the ecosystem restoration concession PT ABT Block I. Occasionally Ginting joined other herds (forming large clans of more than 100 elephants) and moved into adjacent LAJ/RLU Block 4, where they raided crops on illegal farms and industrial rubber plantations.

Ginting was first collared in January 2014. In August 2015 this collar was replaced by a new unit and was again replaced in March 2018. This new collar should last for a minimum of two years. Ginting and her family group are most likely closely related to the females of Anna’s herd. Since 2014, both families have spent much of their time together, often forming a larger clan that roams together. Ginting has a male calf named Chrisna. He was only a few weeks old when we first collared Ginting in 2014. The baby bull has developed into a buffalo-sized healthy youngster, always up for trouble and play.