Michael Falshaw

Michael Falshaw is the Conservation Project Manager for The Elephant Conservation Center (ECC) in Northern Laos. Born and raised in Liverpool, England Michael has been living and working on conservation projects in Laos since 2015. He holds certification in Tropical Forest Landscapes from the Yale School of Environment and is currently studying a MSc in Tropical Forestry.

Michael fell in love with tropical forests when he was first exposed to them on a trip to the Ecuadorian Amazon aged 21. He quickly changed career path and a year later found himself in Laos. Michael splits his time between three projects for the ECC, with the majority of his time spent working on protected area management and the release of captive elephants back into the wild. Michael loves a hands-on approach to his projects and spends as much time as he can in the field, spending over 100 nights in the forest each year.