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The ongoing and rapid rate of rainforest destruction in Indonesia has the elephant on the road to extinction in the wild.

The Bukit Tigapuluh or “Thirty Hills” ecosystem in Sumatra is home to extraordinary rainforests that offer refuge to elephants, orangutans and tigers, all critically endangered species. While it’s recognised as a rare treasure for its exceptional diversity of life, Thirty Hills is under enormous threat. Bukit Tigapuluh National Park, which was established in 1995, covers only 42 percent of the landscape. The remainder of the rainforest is unprotected and attractive to developers keen to expand rubber and palm oil plantations. Given the rapid pace at which Sumatra is losing its ancient rainforests to deforestation, protection for Thirty Hills is needed now.

The good news is, we recently secured the lease on 38,000 hectares of land, extending protection of the elephant's rainforest home to 182,000 hectares.

In order to lease and protect the land with Wildlife Protection Units we need your help to raise $1,840,920 over the next five years. That’s $368,184 per year.

At particularly high risk are the over 150 elephants estimated to live in the Thirty Hills landscape. For each $10.11 we raise we can help save one hectare of essential elephant habitat. Please, will you help save a hectare or more of the Thirty Hills ecosystem by making a tax-deductible* donation today.

Please know that because of your donation, elephants WILL have a voice – and a home, for years to come.

Thank you for your generous gift. Every donation, no matter whether it is big or small helps us to SAVE THE ELEPHANT.

* Tax-deductible donations are only available for Austrailan tax payers.

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